Jewelry of Rajasthan


Rajasthani jewelry has been a specific jewelry among women in India. Apart from royal women in Rajasthan, such types of jewelries are worn by many people throughout the country. Rajasthan is popular for its traditional clothing. When its costumes are worn with native jewelries, they appear more attractive and vibrant.

In ancient times as well women used to wear a lot of jewelries with their attires. Rajasthani jewelries are similar to its costumes which are refined in a beautiful way. Skilled designers make these jewelries. A wide range of jewelries are available in the market to choose from indicating the aesthetic and innovative talent.
Rajasthani Bride
There is a strong connection between religion and ornaments in Rajasthan. Specific jewelries show the religious affinities of different types of religious groups. For example, pendants represent Hindu gods and goddesses. Hindu Goddess Lakshmi relates to gold and wealth and it is a representative of sun. Gold and sun are sacred and immortal. Traditional Rajasthani ornaments are very religious. In festivals many men and women wear beautiful jewelries and then worship.

Tribal cultures and urbanization have given unique identity to the jewelries of Rajasthan. Urban master-craftsmen are well-versed in making royal patronage and beautiful ornaments. Rural Rajasthani communities still have roots with their old tradition. They form jewelries according to their culture. These days in India, jewelries show the status of particular society people making the difference in socio-ethnic groups.

Jewelries in Rajasthan have symbolic value and the main investment due to their liquidity. Desert environment of this region is humid so people wear costumes and ornaments according to the weather. Jewelries are known an important saving. The ornaments are protection for the future. Instead of buying stocks or investing it on any other financial means, jewelries are one of the main preferences of savings in Rajasthan among locals.

Rajasthan is similar to other parts of India, where you can find rich tradition for jewelry. It comprises its own designs, motifs and ornaments that are related to its native people. There are various types of jewelries for neck, hand, ear, forehead, ankles, arms, nose, waist, head and feet in Rajasthan. The beautiful designs of ornaments make them exclusive. Native crafts such as Filigree, Minakari and Kundan make jewelries.

Soni Community Jewelries
There is a community in Rajasthan that comes up with traditional jewelries i.e. Soni community. To create attractive jewelries they use a mixture of materials. To make Rajasthani ornaments a number of metals are used and among them the most popular ones are silver and gold. On top of artistic appeal, mythology and religion grant them their main position. Silver is always favorite in this part of the world and an affordable option than gold. Normal people can afford this ornament. In villages you can find jewelries in silver like kada (anklet). Rajasthan is known for high-quality of silver mining which is also reliable source of wealth. But one of the drawbacks of silver is that it is very heavy that makes it tough to wear with limited usages.
Bishnois Women Wearing Jewelries
Gemstones such as rubies, emeralds, diamonds, sapphires and pearls are used a lot to make jewelries. Lac is known as gold of common men which is admired a lot in Rajasthan. It is regarded very promising by few communities such as Bishnoi. Bishnois believe in worshiping nature and lac is a natural substance. Lac bangles are used extensively in occasions such as Teej, family weddings and festivals. Even lac bangles are affordable to buy. Ivory is linked to Lord Ganesha, which is widely used for pendants, beads, rings, ear tops, wedding bangles, brooches, etc. But ivory is no longer in use for creating ornaments. In order to make lac bangles various natural materials are used.
Lac Bangles
Lac bangles are commonly worn in sets on both the hands. They depict a wide variety in design and style. A usual design is zigzag, wavy or leheriya pattern. There are few bangles studded with small mirrors, gold, beds or silver powder, or bright stones. Popular types include Laron ka chuda, hinglu ka chuda, leheriya ka chuda and nagon ka chuda. Lac bangle creation is a type of small scale industry. Many families are involved in lac bangle creation work. While men clean and dye the lac, women decorate the final pieces. These days, traditional crafts seem to have lost a big market, but lac bangles still form a big industry enjoying patronage of Rajasthani people and government support.

Feathers, straw and grass and other essential materials are extensively used for creating ornament. Garasia women wear grass chains in hair that is known as choti jhumka. Rice stalks made bracelets are also very popular. To make hairpieces for women cowrie shells are used. Coconut shell bangles are also very popular in Rajasthan and they are called as kasla worn by Bhil tribe women. A wide range of raw materials are available to encourage the crafts of Indian jewelries.