Bandi, Traditional Rajasthani Garment for Men


Bandi is tight fitting, upper clothing, sleeveless or at times short-sleeved inner garment which is related to the universal vests of urban areas. The garment is comfortable enough to wear and relax. In hot summer days, it is very good to wear at home.

In Rajasthan people of most communities wear bandi as an under garment. Potter community and Kumhar community prefer bandi as an outer garment and sometimes they also wear angarkhi. Its main feature is comfort that makes it prevalent throughout Rajasthan and other parts of India.

Bandi is made from khaadi and white cotton. Mostly unbleached cotton and khaadi is used to design it because they are softer than heavy fabric. Fine cotton muslin is another good material used to design bandi that is commonly worn by men of Maheshvari community. It is cut diagonally around the warp for the highest extend. It ensures that the garment stays comfortable and movements can be done without any restriction.

Bandi commonly has a round neck in both front and back sides. Many communities’ men wear bandi in Rajasthan with differences in the neck openings. For instance, there is a central placket with various buttons that can open or fit in on the shoulder with neckwear. Kumhar bandi comprises 5 silver buttons connected by a chain.