Achkan, Traditional Rajasthani Men’s Costume


Achkan is a knee length traditional Rajasthani men’s jacket, similar to Sherwani. It is also worn in other northern parts of India and Pakistan. Achkan was originated in the Northern India which was commonly worn by the men of royal family. These days, Achkan is usually worn by Rajput, Maratha and Sikh in their marriage. Groom gets a special type of designer Achkan to look stunning on his special day of life.

Though Achkan looks liks sherwani, it has a number of dissimilarities like it is made of finer and lighter fabrics and with no line. Achkan also comprises a breast pocket on the left hand side on the other hand sherwani has 2 breast pockets both right and life sides. Achkan is a full-sleeved and high round neck traditional Rajasthani jacket. The length of this outfit is around 3-5 cm. The full front opening of Achkan in the centre makes it unique. It is tightened with buttonholes and buttons.

The traditional north India costume is widely worn in Rajasthan in all its regions. Achkan is mostly worn during wedding ceremonies, festivals and other special events.  Achkan is widespread in all communities with churidar, mainly on festivals and formal events. Beautifully curved armholes of Achkan are like jama and angarkha. The costume gives the traditional feel of Rajasthan. The tapered sleeves end at the wrist. Its neck is designed with stand up collar, called as Chinese or Nehru collar. Sits are designed from the cuff of sleeve and side of hem.