Traditional Clothing of Daman and Diu for Men and Women


Daman and Diu is located in the southern part of India in Goa State. It is a union territory of the country, where so many people visit throughout the year. The clothing of Daman and Diu is greatly inflected by both Portuguese and Indian cultures. The traditional costumes of Daman and Diu are designed beautifully and available in a wide range. Foreigners also buy them to wear and look outstanding.

Traditional Clothing of Daman and Diu for Men: 

Men like to wear Kurta Pyjama, Pathani Suits and Dhoti Kurta. Cotton outfits are also traditional in this part of India. However, due to the western influence, men started wearing shirt, trouser, blazer, t-shirt, jacket, etc.

Traditional Clothing of Daman and Diu for Women: 

Females wear sari, kurta salwar, Nav-Vari (9 inches sari), Pano Bhaju, Kashti, (loincloth) worn with a blanket on shoulder called as Kunbi, Pallo with sari, etc. These dresses are simply beautiful. A wide range of sarees can be found in the market of Daman and Diu. Local markets are filled with traditional clothing. Women and girls also wear skirts, jeans, top and other modern clothing.