Traditional clothing for men and women in Chandigarh


Chandigarh is the capital city of two states of India i.e. Haryana and Punjab. The northern city of India is the first planned city that distinguishes it from other cities in the country. As it is the city of two northern states of India, it has mixed culture, people and their lifestyle.

The costumes of Chandigarh also vary as per its inhabitants. Western culture has greatly influenced the youngsters and they prefer wearing modern clothing like jeans, shirts, skirts, t-shirts, tops, trousers, etc. Chandigarh is also close to the fashion hub of India – Delhi. Many famous fashion designers live in Chandigarh and come up with exclusive outfits every now and then.

Traditional costumes of women in Chandigarh:

Punjabi and Haryanavi women like to wear kurta salwar. Patiala suits very popular throughout Chandigarh. They are known for their exclusive designs. Girls and women put on loose salwar kameez that make them very attractive. Even foreigners come to Chandigarh and adopt these attires. Saris are worn less by Haryanavi and Punjabi women as per to other parts of India. However, during special occasions and events, they love to flaunt expensive saris. Punjabis are known their dressing sense. So, it’s common to find Punjabi kudis (beautiful girls) in Chandigarh.

Traditional costumes of men in Chandigarh:

The main traditional attires for men in Chandigarh include kurta pajama and Punjabi dhoti kurta. Bhangra is a prominent folk dance in Chandigarh in which people wear exclusive clothing. Bhangra costumes for men include chaadra (a long piece of cloth), turban (pagri).