Modern Indian Costumes


Westernization has converted the customs and traditional practices in India. Its effects can be seen in costumes as well. Most of the youngsters love to wear modern clothes in a wide ranges, colors and designs. Both men and women have adopted the stylish modern outfits in their day-to-day life. Their wardrobe is packed with plenty of trendy and traditional clothing. Indians mostly follow the modern dressing style of Europeans and Americans.

Cloths for Men

Lower body clothing like pyjama and dhoti for men have been replaced by trousers and jeans. Shirts, coat, ties and coats are the upper wears. They are formational cloths.

Cloths for Women

Sari is a beautiful traditional dress for women. It is worn by the women almost in all parts of India. Salwar kameez and lehenga choli are also very popular among girls.

Western outfits like skirts, skirts, trousers, jeans, tops and others have also gained importance in India. Women can be seen in these dresses in many cities, town and some of the villages as well.

Information Outfits

Many choices are available to wear information clothing. Folks in India are fond of wearing T-shirt, jeans, cargoes, capris, etc. Information dresses are more comfortable and relaxing in comparison to the formal ones.

The modern clothing in India is mainly influenced by the globalization. Many Indian are inspired by Hollywood celebrities and wear clothing like them. Approach of normal people has also changed and now they have become more open to changes.