Traditional clothing for men and women in Lakshadweep


The traditional outfits of Lakshadweep are beautified with vibrant colors. It can be seen from their unique designs, patterns and styles. The costumes are plain and simple but attractive enough to draw the attention of others. Amini cluster of several islands be worthy of praise due to their integral sense. Dresses vary for men and women in Lakshadweep. Instead of the traditional dresses of Lakshadweep, jewelries and ornaments also form a big role in this state of India. Modern attires can be seen in various parts of Lakshadweep as well as the young generation is influenced a lot by westernization.

Traditional costumes of men in Lakshadweep:

Men living in tribes of the island apart from Minicon, wear in colorful and white Lungi. Women can also be seen in long piece of cloth. Most of the men don’t cover the upper area of their body. During special events, men adorn silk or cotton drapery. The cloth is worn around shoulders.

Traditional costumes of women in Lakshadweep:

Women put on Kanchi, a large piece of cloth, unstitched like men. This dress is made of silk fabric. It is tucked around the waist. There are different types of shades used to design Kanchi. There is a jacket as well worn by females in Lakshadweep. Colorful scarf is called as Thattan which is a beautiful headdress.

Clothing of Minicoy

Distinct beauty and charm of Minicoy people can be seen in Lakshadweep. A wide variety of stratas of Minicoy like the Raveri, the Manikfans, the Thakrus and the Thakrufans have their traditional outfits. The elegance in their dresses is unique that cannot be seen in any other part of the world. Men of this tribe put on shirt and lungis. Many times, they don’t cover the upper part of their body. It is due to the moderate and coastal weather of Lakshadweep as well. Colorful embroidered tapelines are worn across the ankles.

The tradition and clothing of women in Minicoy is an under garment in green and blue colors worn with Libus, which a long cloth and a type of cloak. It is stretched from the shoulder to ankle. This is a beautiful cloak that is commonly seen as a beautiful brick crimson outfit. Libus opens to the neck with decorated embroidery.

Jewelleries and Accessories of Lakshadweep 

Ornaments are popular among the island of Lakshadweep. In tribes like Minicoy, females can be seen with full of jewelleries and ornaments. There is a waist ornament in Minicoy, known as Kodakam or Vola, for ear and wrists. Alikkath and Koodu are necklaces. Vala is beautiful bangle.

The Urukku is also a good looking necklace with its extraordinary black beds combined gold. A lot of ornaments are used to beautify the bride in Lakshadweep with costly and traditional jewelleries.