Kurta, Garment for Men in Rajasthan


Kurta is a usual costume for Rajasthani men. Nowadays, kurta is also known as a casual wear. It an upper garment. The girth and length of kurta may vary from one place to another but they are customized in various styles.

Kalidar kurta is created from a number of geometrical parts. This type of kurta comprises 2 rectangular middle panels in the front and back sides. Their width is equal to the length and shoulder size below the knees but above the thigh. There are 4 flared side panels available known as kali, properly attached on the central areas. The shape of these panels is triangular. This makes sure a snug get properly fitted across the chest.

Comfort level is considered very carefully in side seam and deep slits. Sleeves are usually full length in men’s kurta. Small size of triangular gussets is added in the sleeves and arms to the wrist. Kurta’s neck is round, but these days in many kurtas Chinese collar can be seen with a side pocket. Buttonholes and buttons are inserted in placket.

There is a shorter version of Rajasthani kurta as well i.e. jhulki. It is mostly by people in Garasia community. Jhulki kurta is available in white color. It is a half sleeve kurta with 3 buttons and a pocket. Rajasthani men also wear modern style kurta with cuffed sleeves, shirt collar and other designs.