Clothing for Rajasthani Men


Rajasthan is a regal and royal state of India. It is known for its vibrant patterns, styles and colors. Liveliness and vivacity reflect in Rajasthani costumes. There are many things noticeable in the clothing of men in Rajasthan. Men living in the rural area of Rajasthan put on costumes that were worn in ancient times. These outfits appear simply amazing and tourists go the rural areas and click photographs of traditional people. Tourists also try out some local clothing and wear them. Many shops are available throughout Rajasthan, where people can buy such fantastic clothing. Among an array of garments, the colorful and huge turbans show manhood and tough character of men.

Popular Rajasthani Men Outfits Include: 
It is a frontier state of India, where people do not interact much to the outside world, mostly in rural areas. However, in urban areas many tourists visit, even from outside the county. Hence the clothing is influenced by the history as well as by the foreigners. Youngsters love to wear western outfits such as shirts, jeans, shorts, jackets, etc. Apparels of males in Rajasthan are restrained in comparison to women’s dresses. They form a unique texture with vibrant colors. Traditional clothing garments stitched like pyjama and unstitched like dhoti. Some outfits are related to pyjama such as ghutanna, suthan, sural, izar, salvor or shalvar. The above garments are known shervani or achkan. There is a beautiful turban and fabric worn around the shoulder.

The upper clothing of men in Rajasthan includes a tunic, kurta and bandi. Occasionally, men like towear angarakha that is also known as shervani or achkan. Blankets and shawls are made of sheep and camel wool most commonly worn during the winter season. Other upper attires include choga and jama that became popular during Mughal era. In museums, historical people from royal families and rulers’ statues can be seen in choga and jama. The gentlemen also cover themselves with a dupatta or angocha.

Other garments for Rajasthani men include angarkhi and bandi. Today, they are called as kurta. Locals have unique taste and choose only selected outfits to show their prestige in society. Chasuble and chapkan are other men’s garments. Some popular jackets include fatu, sadri, jarji and sadri. Bandhni garments also have fame in Rajasthan.