Choga, Garment for Men in Rajasthan


Choga is a famous costume for Rajasthani men. The garment is known as a long sleeved robe which easily fits into any body. Choga has heart shaped neckline and deep oval. It shows the prominent image of its wearer. Some cloth cased button and loops inserted in the costume. Choga is worn over angarkha and kurta. It is made of velvet and cotton, beautifully embroidered with high quality metal.

Choga word is derived from Turkish. It was worn as an outer costume during ancient times in the Central Asia. Choga was a prominent garment in most of the parts of India and Rajasthan still has its tradition. Rajasthani men can be seen wearing colorful and designer choga.

In Rajasthan, choga was much more prevalent than other parts of India. There are a number of museums where you can see paintings and portraits of royalty of choga. Such choga were made of fashionable ornate such as brocade and decorated with magnificent embroidery. It is comfortable and relaxing overcoat which shows the royal image.

Woven and muslin are used to make choga in jamdani way (floral muslin). It has light embroidery with silk. Choga commonly comprises a narrow flowery border on all its corners and big flowery sprays on the back and front. During the winter season, quilted and woolen choga are worn.