Beautiful Banarasi Sarees


Banarasi saris are famed for excellent look, designs, styles, colors, quality and other aspects. They are made in Varanasi, a religious city of India which is also known as Benares. Banarasi saris hold a great value in history of saris and they are among the best saries in the world. These saris have silver and golden zari or brocade and fine opulent and silk making Banarasi saris high rated clothing for women.

Not only in India, but in other countries as well the demand of Banarasi saris is too much. Western people also great influenced by Indian culture and they love to adopt Indian outfits to give them the real touch of the ancient culture of the mankind. This is another main aspect that topped the supply of Banarasi saris in so many markets and costumers are also ready to pay higher prices to buy them.

Banarasi saris are made of fine woven silk and beautifully designed and decorated as they are very heavy. Their designs are inspired by the Mughal designs like foliate motifs, complex intertwining floral, kalga and bel and these saris have beautiful borders called jhallar. Other typical features include compact weaving, heavy gold work, metallic effects, mina work, etc. Many Indian brides can be seen wearing Banarasi saree.

As per the complexity of patterns and designs, it may take from fifteen days, to a month or at times up to half year to completely make specific Banarasi saris. They are commonly worn on special occasions like parties, attending popular events and festivals. Banarasi sarees look stunning with jewelries.

Banarasi sarees are available in a wide range with various verities showing in the designs of the artisans and beautiful creations. Bridal Banarasi sarees are famous for their charisma and unique look. Keeping the design of these dresses in mind and their importance in society, Banarasi sarees can be divided into various types such as Kincab Brocade, Opaque zari, Zari Brocades, Amni brocades, Banaras brocade, Tabchori brocades, etc.

Banarasi sarees need the Opaque zari brocades that are commonly divided into 2 parts depended on the size and amount of specific zari. On the other hand, Kincabs are very heavy gilt brocades having plenty of visible zari under tha silk. Kincabs are mosly used in wedding sarees. Amni brocades are fine Banarasi sarees that can be found easily in markets in India. Zari thread and silk are woven while making them. When it comes to designing Banarasi sarees for special occasions, high quality of fabric is used.