Traditional Costumes of Jharkhand for Men and Women


Clothing of Jharkhand really depicts the nature, culture, style and simplicity of its people. The recently born state was previously a part of Bihar. In November 2000, Jharkhand became a separate state of India.

Costumes of Women in Jharkhand

The traditional clothing for women in Jharkhand is saree and blouse. Females can be seen wearing colorful, designed and well-maintained sarees. Women who belong to high-class background can go for dazzling collections of saris with a number of styles. Tussar silk sarees are made in Jharkhand, known for their elegancy and unique look. Tribal women wear Parthan and Panchi.

There are beautiful designed silk sarees with luserious touch and texture, traditional print and paintings showing the tribal lifestyle. Swarnareksha and Anjana silks are also becoming very popular in Jharkhand and other parts of India. Women are too much conscious about fashion, so they flaunt in innovative and trendy outfits.

The tribal culture of the state has made the clothing of inhabitants plan and simple. However, women flaunt silver, gold and other types of jewelries to beautify them.

Costumes of Men in Jharkhand

Men put on a single piece of cloth known as Bhagwan. Santhal Pargana is one of the main tribes of Jharkhand where men wear Santhals and Paharis to give them a unique look. They also wear traditional dress of Indian like kurta-pyjama and Dhoti and also shirts and trousers. During festivals and special occasions men wear sherwai and pricy kurta pajama.

Ethnic costumes of Jharkhand are also superb for both men and women. People also like aromas and perfumes.