Beautiful Paithani Sarees


Paithani Sarees get their name from a small but beautiful village namely Paithan located in a district called Aurangabad. These saris are designed beautifully with a lot of adornments and colors. Paithani Sarees are mostly worn in the central Indian. In Maratha period, Paithani Sarees had become popular. Women wear them on festivals, parties, and special events. Weavers and craftsmen are skilled enough to design such gorgeous costumes for ladies.

When it comes to weaving, there are many complicated processes used in dyeing and bleaching. Hand and looms are used together for embroidery. This ensures for the perfect outcome with great clarity. Textile industry has modernized and developed. This has affected the efficient designing of Paithani Sarees in a
better way.

The area of expertise of this type of sari is its pallav and border. Previously only two-three colors were known to integrate into the saree but now several colors are used with different shades. It is a complete hand-woven sari. As per the complexity of the specific design, saries are weaved. In traditional types of Paithani sarees, ornamental pallav and heavy zari borders can be seen. These days, Paithani with designs are in trend such as paisleys, stars, flowers, peacocks and circles. Such motifs are heavily adorned. Narli, Tota-maina, asavali and bangdi-mor are patterns of Paithani Sarees.

In early days, zari was mainly used for designing Paithani Sarees which was created from pure gold. However, in today’s time silver has become is substitute. Another reason of using silver is that it is affordable and people can easily buy Paithani Sarees under their estimated budget.