Traditional Costumes of Tamil Nadu for Men and Women


Clothing of Tamil Nadu represents the traditional and cultural essence of this south Indian state. Men of this state put on traditional outfits such as Dhoti or Lungi with a shirt and Angavastra. Females beautify themselves in Sari and blouse. The costumes of Tamil Nadu have got fame globally for their grace and beauty. Lyrical references show the in the age of Sangam, a single piece of outfit is served as both head covering and lower garment, departing the midriff and bosom totally uncovered. The costumes posses a specific aura within zari work and dress materials prevailing among women.

Costumes of Women in Tamil Nadu

The women of Tamil Nadu decorate themselves in traditional sarees. The famous Tamil poetry Cilappatikaram (Silappadhikaram) portrays females in sari. The ageless charisma of these saris is the uniqueness of women. South Indian sares with zari work reflect the traditions of Tamil Nadu. Kanchipuram sari is known for its exceptional style and famous all over the world. This is a formal dress for women which they wear in offices, temples, and even parties and marriages.

Sarees form a specific place in the attires of Tamil Nadu. It is a traditional outfit for Indian women. Sarees are obtainable in a wide range of materials such as georgette, cotton, micro silk, chiffon, Pottola silk, crepe silk, silk and organza. Pavada or the half-sari is a traditional outfit that is mostly worn by the girls. The full-length skirt, davani (a kind of shawl) and blouses are put on. These days, the dress is substituted by salwar kurtas, trousers and jeans. The color, texture and style of a sari differ from silk and cotton. Kanchipuram silk saris are very popular and women generally wear them on significant occassions like religious ceremonies and wedding. The length of sari commonly ranges from five to six yards. These are commonly adorned by Brahmin females after getting married.

These days, salwar kameez has got fame in Tamil Nadu. It is a kind of loose trouser. There are some churidhar salwars as well. Tops of such shrink churidhar are called as kameez. Embroidered sarees, kurties and salwars are also extensively worn by the women. Kurti is like a short top.

Costumes of Men in Tamil Nadu

Clothing of Tamil Nadu is not restricted to women; men also have passion to show their style and look handsome. They wear a lungi with an Angavastra or shirt. The tremendously and traditional lungi invented the south India only. The lungi is a long cloth usually manufactured from pure cotton, worn around the men’s waist. The Angavastra is an extended cloth draped around the shoulders.

Youngsters choose to put on the western outfits like tops, skirts, t-shirts and jeans. However, during festivals and traditional events, they wear traditional clothing of Tamil Nadu.