Traditional Costumes of Orissa for Men and Women


Orissa is an Eastern Indian state of India, by the beautiful Bay of Bengal. Odisha is enclosed by the West Bengal. The Indian state has a unique culture and people of Orissa are very religious. This reflects in their costumes as well. It has an ancient culture and popular for classical dance.

Costumes of Women in Orissa 

Women wear different types of saris to show their special look. Famous saris include Kataki Sari, Bomkai Sari and Sambalpuri Sari. These are adorned by females in Orissa during festivals, marriage, and other special events. Shalwar Kameez is also worn by the girls and women. They like to beautify themselves with a lot of jewelleries and ornaments. Both in urban and rural areas, you can find women in beautiful clothing.

Costumes of Men in Orissa 

Similar to females, men also like to wear their traditional outfits. They attire Dhoti, kurta with a Gamucha. The main member of the family is the eldest man who follows their religious costume strictly so that others also stay in touch with their culture and wear their traditional costumes.

Though the western culture has influenced a lot in Orissa that can be seen in the clothing of youngsters, the traditional outfits still live in the heart of native inhabitants. They ensure that at least in their festivals like Durga Puja, they wear the cultural outfits.