Traditional Costumes of Bihar for Men and Women


Bihar is a beautiful land in India where people give more value to their traditional and culture. The place is known for hand woven textiles in costume designing. The rural people of Bihar religiously adhere the traditional jewelleries and dresses. Most of the people of this state live in rural areas and wear traditional dresses. The costumes are also diverse as per the different religions. During chhath puja which is a main festival in Bihar, men and women wear special dresses and pray to God.

Costumes of Women in Bihar

Women in Bihar are very choosy about their dress selection. They are too religious and stay in touch with their tradition that reflects in their clothing as well. Married females smear red color powder called Sindoor over their parting hair area. There is a beautiful ornament as well that is adorn on the forehead called Tikli. Whether a Bihari woman is living in rural or urban area, you can find a Bindi over her forehead. A famous eye pencil called as Surma or Kajal is usually applied by the girls and women. It makes their eyes look larger and beautiful. Tattoos are prevalent among women in Bihar. On their hand, you can find tattoos of gods and goddesses and other signs and symbols.

Costumes of Men in Bihar

Elderly males of Bihar prefer their family members specially girls to wear traditional costumes. They themselves also wear traditional clothing like Kurta, pyjama, dhoti or lungi. Upper garment for men is kurta, shirt and t-shirt. During special occasions men put on beautiful apparels. Churidar, kurta, sherwani and pyjamas are the common costumes during festivals, marriage and other events.

Christian, Sikh and Muslim men in Bihar also wear traditional attires. They adorn themselves with bali or bala (bangles) in Kanausi, Shahabads in Gaya and Patana. Gowalas flaunt their uniqueness and style in special earnings known as Kundals.

Accessories and Ornaments 

Ornaments with exuberant style and complex designs like Sikri, Panchlari, Chandrahar, Sattari and Tilri are the exceptional accessories in Bihar. Women are really very passionate for exceptional jewelleries.