Traditional Costumes of Maharashtra for Men and Women


Clothing of Maharashtra is influenced by the traditional Maharashtrian culture. It reflects the unique culture and tradition of Maharashtra. The costumes of this state of India compose a 9 yard saree for women, and shirt and dhoti for men. The state displays a wide range of costumes, suitable for special occasions and changing weather conditions.

Costumes of Men in Maharashtra 

Men wear dhoti with kurta or shirt, which is a famous costume throughout Maharashtra. They also put on bandi over their shirt and there is a turban known as ‘pagadi’ and ‘pheta’. During the festive seasons, men wear Ackan, Suvar, Churidar and Pyjama. In old age, Maharashtrian men were known as warriors. So they are greatly influenced by the manhood and fighter’s personality that appear in their clothing as well.

Costumes of Women in Maharashtra 

The 9 yard sari for women is known as Nauvari. It has a resemblance like trousers. There is no need to wear a slip or petticoat under this type of saree because of its specific pattern of draping. The Nauvari saree has its own history. During the rule of Maratha, females were delegated this sari. Its fabric is commonly cotton, for special events, silk tops the main list. There are Paithani sarees as well popular for their special style and look. The Brahmain women of Maharashtra put on sarees in a specific style in which the plates. They make use of choli along with the sari and blouses and polkas. There are some other exclusive outfits of Nasik, Malegaon and Pune in Maharashtra. Women adorn stunning jewelleries and flaunt them in a style. Popular jewelleries include nath (nose ring) and haar (necklace) with colorful stones and decorated pearl. Some of the stunning necklaces they put on are patlya, saaj, bangdya, tode and kolhapuri.

Urban Costumes in Maharashtra

The urban clothing of Maharashtra is very vibrant and vivid in style. Especially, Mumbai boosts a great lifestyle and many people follow western clothing in their daily lives. Women pout on Salwar-Kameez-Dupatta, Kurta Payjama, stylish sarees, skirt-blouse, jeans-tops and other clothing. Mean can be seen in shirt-trouser, jeans, t-shirt, dhoti-pajama and so on.