Traditional Costumes of Madhya Pradesh for Men and Women


Madhya Pradesh is also called as “Heart of India” where costumes differ among people, tribes, cultures, religions and so on. The clothing of this state of India displays the multiplicity in diverse aspects. Textiles and handicrafts are designed beautifully with rich ornaments.

Costumes of Men in Madhya Pradesh

Most of the men in Madhya Pradesh wear Dhoti as it is a traditional dress. Safa is a type of turban, which is commonly worn by males. There is a black or white jacket called as Mirzai or Bandi, which is attractive attire, particularly in Malwa and Bundelkhand. The myriad colors of the costume give a dignified and radiant appearance. Tribal people wear short Dhotis, mostly in remote areas of Madhya Pradesh, which is known as langot.

Costumes of Women in Madhya Pradesh

Most of the women in Madhya Pradesh wear Lehenga and Choli. There is another clothing i.e. Lugra or Orni covered over the shoulder and head. Black and red are the most prominent colors which you can see in women’s dresses. Saree can also be seen on females in this part of India.

Bandhani dresses are produced in bulk in Ujjain, Indore and Maundsar. To pain the fabric, modern wax is used and it is dyed using cold dyes. Hence the clothing is widely worn all across Madhya Pradesh. Maheshwari Sarees and Chanderi Sarees have fame not only in the state but other parts of India and world as well. They are produced with hand-woven and famous for their delicate styles. Due to the growth of Madhya Pradesh and modernization of people, most females can be seen in Western outfits, even in tribal areas, Kasbas and towns.

Kathir and silver ornaments are worn by the tribal women in Madhya Pradesh. Bangles, necklaces and bracelets also put on over the traditional dresses to show a great virtue of women. Girls wear Pyheb on feet which make beautiful sounds while walking and running.

Tattoo Designing

Designing of tattoo is common in trial areas like Bajara, Bhilala, Bhil, Meghwal, Kumhar, Kahar and Charan. People go for potters who have expertise in tattooing. Women of these tribes consider drawing tattoos on their arms with their own name or the god’s pictures.