Traditional Costumes of Himachal Pradesh for Men and Women


Himachal Pradesh has an ancient tradition of wearing costumes. Its dresses differ among different tribes, communities and regions. There are many people in Himachal who love to wear ethnic costumes. The wearing reflects the great diversity of religion and culture. Costumes vary among Rajputs, Brahmins, and tribal folks like Lahaulis, Gaddis, Gujjars, Pangawals and Kinnars.

Brahmin priests wear Dhoti and Kurta with a Pagri (turban). During the worship of God, they mostly put on white cloths.

Rajput Dresses in Himachal Pradesh 

Rajputs are known as the descendants of the ancient times’ royal families. They wear sherwani (designers, usual and fashionable) with an attractive Churidar Pyjama with a Pagri (turban). These days, Rajputs are not in vogue, however previously they had imposed a veil system for females.

Costumes of Women in Himachal Pradesh 

Costumes of Rajput or Brahmin women are very traditional. They usually wear kurtas, rahide and Ghagra Lehenga Choli. Most of the farmers and women working put on a loincloth, kurta and a traditional cap. During special occasions like parties, marriages and festivals, they wear new Kurta Pyjamas. The Chamba people love adornment. Head scarves are common among women in this community.

The influence of western culture and their wearing can be seen on young girls. Hand-woven is a trade mark (hallmark) of the clothing in Himachal Pradesh. The beautiful utility shoes are made from the grass by keeping in mind the size of feet and make them warm. Different styles of gowns, saris and kurtas are designed by handlooms.

Jewellery and Ornaments of Himachal Pradesh

Special types of ornaments are designed beautifully by rings and bangles. They are produced from the horsehair. They are commonly worn by the Chamba females. Such weave-ace folks are the dexterous producers of elite shawls. They are popular for their smooth texture and elegance.

Many shawls are produced from Pashmina goat which has a huge demand throughout the world. Among the preferred kinds of shawls, Pattu and Dhobroo are the prominent ones.