Traditional Costumes of Assam for Men and Women


Assam has a rich culture and tradition. Its dresses include Golden Silk Fiber or Muga. These costumes have a lot of demand not only in India but other parts of the world as well. It is really difficult to not see a lady wearing “Muga” or “Mekhela Chadar”. The dress is simply superb with stylish designs. In order to create the clothing of Assam, “Paat” and “Eri” are used. Eri is used to create winter clothing particularly shawls known as “Eri Chadar” and Paat is for creating “Mekhela Chadar”. Both of them look exception on women.

Silk saris of Assam are most popular in India and demanded throughout the country. They sarees are made of fine woven, delicate designs and exceptional patterns are employed for the designing purpose. Embroideries are also used as per the cultural norms and incorporated beautifully like stone-sculptures and architecture on the famous Madan Kamdev Temple.

Hub of Silk Production

There is a place in Assam which is known as the hub silk production i.e. Sualkuchi. It offers a number of types of silks like Eri, White Pat and Golden Murga. It is located only 32 kms from the capital of Assam, Guwahati.

Muga Artists 

These days, many Muga Artists are involved in experimenting unique dresses. They provide different types of creations of greenish blue and pinkish red in traditional colors such as green, red, yellow, blue with colorful fabrics. Bridal wear is decorated with silver and golden threads so that the bride looks gorgeous on her wedding day.

Dresses of Different Tribes in Assam: 

Dimasa Tribe

The style and pattern of this tribe’s clothing are very traditional and cultural. Both men and women wear costumes designed in household looms. There is a skirt type of attire i.e. Rigu which is worn by girls and women in Dimasa tribe.

Bodo Tribe 

Bodos of Assam live in the lush green area of the northeast state of India. The tribe females accept Mekhla as the customary dress. The upper wrap is known as Riha worn with Chaddar. Most of the rustic folks of Assam wear this type of costume. Men wear Dhoti and Chaddar.

Thai Phake Tribe

There are some stunning dresses worn by the men and women in Thai Phake Tribe in Assam. The traditional costume stands for the lighted with respect and it has its own attractiveness. A woman of Thai Phake uses a beautiful striped girdle, known as Chairchin. Women love to use it so that they look stunning. Girls also wear the same costume but of different size, which is known as Fafek.

Men of this tribe wear a loin cloth with red and black stripes, white or yellow lining, known as Fatong. A short is also worn with Fatong which is known as Sho.

Mishing Tribe 

Women of this tribe wear Sampa all across their west. Married women wear an additional piece of cloth with this dress on their hip. To cover the upper body parts, women wear Galuk. Hura is also worn by some of the females of Mishing Tribe. Men wear traditional dhoti with white shirt known as kurta.

Rabhas Tribe

People of this tribe put on traditional costumes called Koum Kontong. They are commonly very stylish and colorful which is covered like a shirt all across the waist. Women adorn vibrant blouses to look beautiful.