Bridal Collections for the Perfect Indian Style Wedding


Marriage is such an important event in everyone's life that should be planned very carefully. And if only a few days are left to the big event, you need to be very careful with the arrangements. One of the main shopping that you have to make is to buy your wedding dress.

Though there are many Indian bridal dress collections available in the market and you can easily find a lot of them with a little search, it is really difficult to select the best one as per your body texture. So, it is better to do some search before picking any wedding clothing.

Bridal Sarees

In mostly traditional Indian weddings the bride wears a saree as per the culture. If you are also planning to wear a saree in your special day, make sure to review a number of collections one after another. This would give you a good idea about suitable saris.
  • Kanjeevaram Sarees are mostly worn by South Indian Brides. Though it is a native dress of Kuchipuram in Tamil Nadu, these are considered by most South Indian girls in their marriage.
    Kanjeevaram Sarees 
  • Net Sarees are like silk sarees well-known in North India. They are available in various types of embroidery works. The best part about such saris is that they are transparent.
    Net Saree
  • Banarasi sarees can be purchased from Kashi, the holy city. To design them, core silk materials are brought from Banaras. Most of the golden work happens in West Bengal. The glare of Banarasi Sari is incomparable.
    Banarasi Saree
  • Sambalpuri Saree of Odisha can be found in different colors, shades and styles like Bomkai and Katki. Brides from Odisha always prefer wearing Sambalpuri silk sari. The best part about this saree is its anchal work which makes it exceptional.
    Sambalpuri Saree 
  • Assam Silk is also called as Muga silk is one of the finest and beautiful silk sarees in India. Generally, Assamese bride wears a white silk sari which has red borders.
    Assam Silk
  • Gota Saree is a type of lace which is attached to its pallu and border of the saree.
    Gota Saree
  • Reshame Saree is a type of silk saree which can be seen in mostly in South Indian weddings. It is available in a wide variety in terms of patterns and designs.
    Reshame Saree
  • Zardosi Saree is a type of embroidery that can be done in both net and silk sarees. These types of sarees are one of the most popular Indian bridal sarees in India.
    Zardosi Saree
  • Paithani silk saree hail from Aurangabad is one of the priciest sarees in the country. It is commonly worn by brides in Maharashtra. It is believed that Paithani saris are designed with actual gold thread. 
    Paithani silk saree
  •  Bandhej or Bandhani sarees have unique kind of polka-dotted and stoned look which is its trademark. They are traditional sarees of Gujaratis and Rajasthanis.
    Bandhani sarees
  • Pattu Saree is a beautiful creation of Kerala. It is a serenely gold and white saree commonly worn by the bride of Kerala. There are many Christian brides of India who wear Pattu to stay in touch with their tradition.
    Pattu Saree
  • Brocade Silk is a special silk sari. Its pallu and borders are designed beautifully. Because of its brightness, the saree is usually worn by several brides in India.
    Brocade Silk
Bridal Lehenga 

In today’s time Lehenga has become common in marriages. You can commonly see girls wearing different kinds of Legengas in various colors and designs.

Different Designs of Bridal Lehenga:

When it comes to the designing part of the bridal lehenga, you have 4 options to choose from.
  1. First Cut: This type of lehenga embraces the body till knees and blows up into the complete flares
  2. A Line Cut: It is a type of design as its name tells. There is a lehenga skirt expands with the increase in the size of the skirt.
  3. Straight Cut: The dress goes down parallel to your legs, similar to a wrap-around kind of skirt.
  4. Flares: The lehenga skirt has various pleats all around its waist. It’s too heavy and looks extremely beautiful.
Choosing the Color of Bridal Lehenga:
  • Tissue: it is important in the bridal dress and should be selected very carefully.
  • Satin Fabric: the elegant style and texture give rich feelings and Satin fabric has attraction that can make you the superb bride
  • Net: it is useful in designing a perfect bridal outfit. Net with satin base and georgette is mostly used in designing the bridal lehenga.
The most favorite color of bridal lehenga is red. Even red is traditional a color for Indian brides. Red gives a feeling of happiness, love and joy. So, it can be seen mostly in bridal dresses.

Fashion and trends are regularly changing and nowadays brides prefer to wear other colors’ lehenga as well. Some of the colors that can be seen in bridal dress include brown, golden copper, pink, onion, maroon and yellow. Lehengas are also available in dual shades with contrast colors such as red and green, and red and yellow.