Traditional Costumes of Meghalaya for Men and Women

Unique clothing of Meghalaya represents the ethnicity of local tribes known as Garo tribe, Jaintias and Khasi. They are inhabitants of the beautiful North-Eastern State – Meghalaya. Colorful dresses can be seen in this place for both men and women. Garos are the experienced and talented weavers in this region. Most of the families earn their livelihood from weaving. The traditional clothing for women is called as Jainsen which is not stitched costume. It needs to be covered around the body to wear it. It is designed and woven from the mulberry silk which is cultivated in this area. The glory of the dress is Endi Slik shawal.

Costumes of Women in Meghalaya

Weavers, the Garos are catering to various types of costumes. In rural areas, Garo villages, women cover eking, a cloth around their waist which is a short cloth. But when women have to go to the crowded areas, they wait longer attire. Garo women put on a blouse and a Lungi similar mantle known as Dakmanda. Dakmanda is a type of hand-woven cotton fabric. Traditional clothing is also very popular amongst Khasi women.

Muga silk of Assam is also well-known among women who love to war this clothing. Wearing dress without adornments of ornaments is common in parties and festivals. Another clothing strip made of woolen cloth known as Jainkup is mostly won by elder women. With Jainkup women also wear a headdress known as Kyrshah.

Wearing outfits without ornaments is known as lusterless for women. Most of them adorn earrings, necklace and other beautiful ornaments of silver and gold. Both Jayantis and Khasis women wear pure gold jewelleries and a popular pendant called as Kynjri Ksiar.

Costumes of Men in Meghalaya

Traditional clothing for Garo men is a loin outfit. Most Khasi men unstitched Dhoti which can be seen normally in all across Meghalaya. They also wear a turban, headgear and jacket. But nowadays men wear traditional clothing commonly during festivals and essential events to stay in touch with their culture. The traditional costume of Jaintia tribe is silaimar to Khasi.