Traditional Costumes of Punjab for Men and Women


India is a colorful land and Punjab is one of the traditionally rich states of this beautiful country. The exceptional clothing of Punjab shows the vibrant and dazzling lifestyle and culture of this region. The dresses are a merger of beauty, comfort and colors. Phulkari is used in most of the Punjabi costumes which is a type of flower work or can also be called as a special kind of embroidery sewn commonly in shawls and Ghagra Choli. Phulkari represents an archetypal costume of women living in rural areas, unlike modern phulkari, genre used for day-to-day clothing. Generally, the field and border of the shawl are not thickly embroidered with most of the exposed ground cloth. Traditional festivals see the emergence of an extraordinary type of Phulkari which is popular as Bagh in which the entire ground is covered with unique embroidery which competently lurked with quality clothing.

Costumes of Women in Punjab 

Churidar Kurta is commonly clothing for women in Punjab. Women are paved with the traditional clothing. Though it is a traditional dress of Punjab, now it is worn by most of the young girls in all across India with colorful Dupattas. Kameez (a type of girl’s shirt) is the top piece and Salwar (a type of pant) is the bottom piece. Generally, the same color of dupatta is worn similar that matches with the Salwar Kameez. Women can also be seen wearing beautiful shawls designed with Phukari.

Costumes of Men in Punjab 

The customary costume for men in Punjab is Kurta Pyjama. You can find so many men wearing this clothing. The Kurta is a type of shirt which is straight-cut and long. The Pyjama is also loose which need to be tied on the waist. There are few men who also like to wear Kurta with a Tehmat or Lungi which is a type of sarong. Colorful Pagri or Pugg (Turban) is a religious for Sikh in Punjab. Men wear different colors of Turban as per their clothing.