Traditional Costumes of Andhra Pradesh for Men and Women


Dresses for men in Andhra Pradesh include Dhoti and Kurta and for women Saree and Blouse. Women of all religions and communities including Muslim women wear sari and blouse. There are some Muslims who wear Salwar Kameez as well. Christian and Hindu men usually wear Dhoti and Kurta. Muslim men put up pajamas in place of dhoti and kurta with a Fez Cap.

Andhra Pradesh is a symbol of traditional South India. It is the fourth largest state of India displaying a wide variety of cultural heritages. Most of nomadic tribes are hailing from Surgalis, Banjara and Lambadi, which are agricultural areas. Generally they earn their bread and butter from reaping, sowing and harvesting. Their costumes also cater their lifestyle, class and pattern of living. Moreover, they use to dress as per the geographical conditionals, social contexts and climatic changes.

Costumes of Women in Andhra Pradesh 

Sarees made of handlooms are absolute with richness of texture and ethnicity. Dharmavaram, Anantapur of Andhra Pradesh is widely known for production and distribution of beautiful silk sarees. Dharmavaram sarees beautify ornate dresses for ceremonies like festivals, parties and wedding. They are brocaded and decorated with gold plating. Another popular saree is Gadwal saree which is made in Gadwal region of Andhra Pradesh.

The Ikkat saree was one of the first woven costumes of Nalgonda District. However, now its main manufacturing sites are Chautuppal, Pochampalli and Puttapaka villages. A complete knowledge is important for their designing purpose. It needs a weaving-pattern in which the yarn is randomly dyed in geometric or zigzag manners. Last but not the least category of sari is Mangalgiri sari made of fine cotton. All these types of sarees are not only popular in Andhra Pradesh and India, but all across the world as well.

In the capital of Andhra, Hyderabad you can find veil clad Muslim women. Nizams of this city had introduced pearl trading. Industries related to pearls are situated close to popular Charminar. The price of pearls varies as per their size, shape and radiance.

Tribal Outfits

Lambadies are a well-known tribal group of Andhra Pradesh and popular for their beautiful and colorful dresses. Men of this group wear traditional costumes like women. Most of the women wear wide skirts of different colors. The wonderful finesse of dresses highlights the craftsmanship of various textile and handloom industries. Moreover, pearls have always been a pride of women.