Punjabi Jutti for Men


Punjabi Jutti is famous for its elegant style and attractive look. There are many men in India who love to wear it with traditional clothing. Generally, the Punjabi Jutti is worn with Sherwani. Even Punjabi Juttis for women are available in the market and you and find them with a little search. It is typical footwear of Northern India. The origin of this footwear is Punjab, a Northern state of India. 

Jutti is commonly made of leather with a lot of embroideries, in silver and gold threads. These days, you can find Jutti in rubber soles as well. This is also well-known in Pakistan and most Pathans love to wear the Jutti. Apart from punjabi shoes or jutti, there are many local styles such as Kasoori, Lahori and Peshawari Juttis. Nowadays, Patiala and Amritsar have become the major transfer centers for Indian handcrafted juttis. Many traders supply Punjabi Juttis from these places to India and other parts of the world.

The footwear was first introduced in Mughal Empire. You can design juttis in several colors, shapes, and add embroideries as per your needs. But for this you need to get in touch with a Punjabi juttii manufacturer or an individual designer who offers the on-demand footwear designing services. Though there are plenty of designers available all across India, it is better to contact a professional who has expertise and traditional touch of Punjabi jutti. This can make your dream to look stunning in a traditional Indian outfit.

Juttis commonly have flat sole and they are designed for both men and women. Men and women have different designs that you need to properly review while shopping. There are some ethnic juttis as well which are worn by wealthy people like nawab, chaudhary and zamindars. It is better to go for handmade juttis as they show the traditional touch and touch of real India.