Trendy Bridal Lehenga

Lehenga is one of the most popular traditional Indian dresses for women. It is not only worn in India but other parts of the world as well like Pakistan and many Asian and western nations. During special days like wedding lehenga is the topmost priority of most of the brides. Salwar kameez and lehenga choli are worn by a lot of girls to present their good image in society.

In today’s time, most brides particularly in North India prefer lehenga choli for their marriage. To give a luxurious look plenty of embellishments are used to design the dress. The bridal lehenga is decorated with sequins, heavy embroidery, crystals and stones to give a royal feeling.

What Is Lehenga Choli?

Ghagra or Lehenga is a type of skirt which is pleated and embroidered. It is worn with a choli. Earlier lehenga choli was worn by women on day-to-day basis. But nowadays it is kept for only special events such as festivals or wedding.

It comprises of a lehenga (skirt), chunni/dupatta (stole) and choli (blouse). You can drape the lehenga in your waist and choli can be used as a blouse which also covers back and neck.


When it comes to stylish lehenga skirt you can find its various designs in the market. Generally there are four cuts in a bridal lehenga choli – flares, fish cut, A-line cut and straight cut.

First of all, the flared lehenga has various pleats around the waist. This type of lehenga is heavier than other lehengas. Secondly in fish cute style, the lehenga completely hugs the body till your knees. In A-line cut lehenga, the lehenga skirt has an A-line cut as per its name. The increases its size and broadens with the length of the choli. Finally, the straight cut lehenga falls parallel to the legs similar to a wrap-around skirt.


There are a number of options available in a bridal lehenga for fabrics. Among them, a common fabric is satin that is normally used in bridal lehenga. Owing the rich feeling and elegant texture, it is very popular among brides.


When it comes to a bridal lehenga, the fir color that comes into everyone’s mind is red. It is because of the traditional red sari bridal dress has overcome by the same color lehenga. However, these days bridal dresses and lehengas are available in other colors as well such as pink, green and yellow. Even you can find beautiful dual shade lehengas with a little search.  

Other Good Bridal Clothing Options

Apart from a lehenga-choli there are other traditional Indian dresses as well that you can consider like sharara and lancha. Such outfits are worn by many girls on their special day.