Handmade Khadi Outfits in India: Benefits, Products and Quality

Khadi fabric is a coarse homespun cloth made from cotton. It is easily available in India, the homeland of Khadis. The Khadi movement by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was one of the biggest movements of 19th century. Gandhi played an important role in making Khadi cloth popular all across the globe.

The use of khadi cotton can be seen mostly in rural India. Though in today’s time most Indians are adopting western culture, during festive seasons people usually wear traditional khadi bhandar clothing. Such dresses can be purchased from Khadi Gramodyog or Khadi Gram Udyog. Its various outlets are opened by the government of India in different villages, towns and cities.

Apart from India, there are many other countries where this clothing is used extensively like Pakistan. The traditional background of Pakistan, Bangladesh and other Indian sub continental countries is almost same. So, here most people prefer wearing khadi made dresses.

Khadi Cotton Products:
·       Khadi Bedsheet
·       Durry
·       Khadi Mats
·       Khadi Dhoti
·       Pillows and Bolster

Khadi Woolen Products:
·       Woolen Jacket
·       Woolen Stole
·       Ladies Shawl Bandhej
·       Ladies Shawl Embroidery

Some Other Khadi Products Include:
·       Poly Vastra
·       Khadi Kurta
·       Khadi Shirts
·       Khadi Silk Suit
·       Khadi Silk Sarees