Traditional Indian Clothing for Men


Traditional Clothing for Men in India

The culture of India has a large diversity in its different regions. Clothing for men also varies according to the regions depending on cultural traditions, geography, climate and ethnicity. During festive seasons people love to wear traditional clothing to show the true colors of their culture and spiritual devotion.

Here are some traditional clothes of Indian men:

Sherwani: It looks like a long coat-boss jacket with a lot of buttons. It goes below to a man’s knees. Most of the Sherwanies have a Nehru collar. It is worn with a Churidar.          

Dhoti: Dhoti is made of cotton. It can be from 4 to 6 feet long commonly worn in white color. Mostly it is worn by villagers across the country.

Lungi: Lungi is also called as sarong which is one of the popular traditional garments of the country. It is normally tucked over or in the waist. Mostly men tuck it while working or performing certain tasks.

Headgear: Pagri or turban is worn in various regions in India, incorporating different designs, colors and styles. Some other headgears are Gandhi cap and Taqiyah.

Kurta Pyjama: Kurta is a long collarless shirt which is worn with Pyjama. Kurta pyjama is available in colorful fabrics and khadi.