Steps to Wear Sari with Images and Videos

How to Wear Saree

Step 1

Here you can find step-by-step details to wear Indian traditional dress for women – saree. There are two important parts of the clothing that are worn along with saree.

A blouse should be tight-fitting. Its color need to be chosen according to sari. A blouse can be full-sleeved, short-sleeved or sleeveless.

A petticoat is worn under a sari from waist-to-floor. You need to tie it tightly in your waist. Its color should be selected as per the base of the sari.

Step 2
Start tucking the upper end of the sari into your petticoat. Ensure that the whole length of the cloth should be on the left hand side and it is touching the floor. Now, you can wrap the   saree around your waist.

Step 3

Make around five to seven pleats of the same width of five inches. Gather these pleats together, keeping in mind that the lower pleats are equal. You can use a safety pin to stop them from spreading widely.

Step 4

Properly tuck these pleats into your petticoat, a little left of navel in a way that they open up to the left hand side of your waist.

Step 5

Arrange the remaining clothing around your waist from left hand side to right. After that bring it from hips to front and hold the edge firmly.

Step 6

Move up the remaining sari under your right arm and put it over your left shoulder. Ensure that pallu of the sari falls down to the knees. Fix the pallu at your shoulder properly with blouse using a safety pin.